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100+ workouts to help you feel like the best you

Just because they're kind to your mind, doesn’t mean you won’t sweat! These intentionally crafted and high sensation classes help increase interoceptive awareness, your sense of intuition, self compassion, and overall body confidence.


What members are saying

Helen's classes have really helped me, both mentally and physically, get through the COVID-19. stay-at-home orders. As someone who had never done pilates before (and has a back injury), I've felt so comfortable with Helen. She has made me feel safe and welcome, even when I'm struggling. I feel like I'm getting the best AND safest workout.

Alanna V.

Helen's classes are unique not only in content but in her no BS voice and attitude, in a world full of misinformed and unhealthy workout trends out to punish people and motivate through fear and shame. Helen is incredibly well-informed, positive, down to earth, welcoming, no-frills, and thoughtful!

Naz K.

Helen is an incredible teacher, motivating, and creates a safe-happy zone for all. I struggled to find a good online class that was challenging enough for for my strength goals and informative and fun at the same time. You just need to try once to get hooked!

Yasmine J.

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