Voted "Best Body Neutral Workout" by Women's Health Magazine, my movement philosophy is rooted in self compassion- so you won't hear any body shaming "motivation" or ever see a transformation pic. Instead, you'll find strength, confidence, and learn to LOVE moving your body for how it makes you feel. Each workout is intentionally designed to challenge you with alignment based strength exercises, encourage a proud posture with mobility drills, ease body aches with restorative stretches, and even teach you to regulate your nervous system, manage stress, and deepen core activation through intentional breathing techniques. Join to stop seeing exercise as a punishment and start seeing it as a way to feel your strongest in both both and mind.

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Join Helen Phelan Studio and learn to view exercise as self care, not punishment.

Cultivate (mental and physical) strength and a sense of pride for how powerful your body is with 300+ mindful and challenging on demand workouts and workshops.